Who Wudda Thought? PARTY HARD LADIES THIS 4 YOU!!!

Rollasoles - flat shoes sold in vending machines - offer relief to stiletto-clad clubbers
As I was surfing the net for new sneakers , I fell upon this wild and crazy post. A MUST READ!!
Five-inch stiletto heels may look hot in a club. But after you’ve been standing in them - or worse dancing on them - for hours ... not so much. A British company has come up with a possible fashion compromise. Twenty-seven-year-old entrepreneur Matt Horan of Bristol brainstormed “Rollasoles,” a kind of ballet flat available at vending machines found in various bars and pubs in the U.K. The cute metallic-hued shoes can be easily balled up to fit in a handbag. The comfortable flats go for 5 pounds (just over 8 American dollars), and can greatly ease that hard trip home. Horan told England’s Daily Mail that he came up with the notion after watching his girlfriend try to stagger home on sky-high heels, often resulting in him having to give her a piggyback ride. Rollasole hasn't rolled out on these shores yet, but if you just can't wait, international shipping is offered at http://www.rollasole.com/.


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